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You might need some extra heads and hands to manage your major projects. We can help you with providing detailed plans, clear communication, identify missing pieces and coordinate efforts of team members and stakeholders to drive your project to success

Have you recently acquired a subsidiary or an asset to your business that needs to be integrated? Do you want to evaluate and maximize synergies? We will make deep dive and find ways in which you can better optimize joint operations, streamline operational challenges, or yield maximum benefit from your recent investment

Do you need a comprehensive strategic or business plan to support your debt or capital raising efforts, we can support you with analyses, models and developing documents that will provide clear path forward for you and your stakeholders

From business plan, through investment evaluation, to project plan and monitoring, we can support you in your next big investment decision

If your liquidity or debt servicing is in jeopardy, we can support you with development of a sustainable plan of business transformation, with improvements in profitability, costs, and asset allocation to facilitate debt restructuring with your lenders

If your company or segment is underperforming, we can analyze your business strategy and operations with aim to develop and implement actions that will improve profitability, streamline your business structure, or cut operational expenses