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Valuation services

Are you contemplating a change of structure of your business, a rebalance of the business unit portfolio, or an optimization of the assets? Or you might have trouble reaching an agreement with your partners or lending parties on the value of a subsidiary, a business unit, or an asset. Do you want to know how much you might get on the market, should you decide to sell a part of your business or sell it all?

We will help you evaluate and understand true value of your asset!

You need a comprehensive valuation that will consider current market conditions, your industry, your strategy, sustainable performance, synergies, or other effects for the potential buyer. Mihajlović Advisory can help you explore the true value of the asset for you and the potential market value in an M&A transaction. We will start by answering key strategic questions and clarifying the starting point of view of the valuation. Why do you need a valuation? Who could buy it? What is realistic market value? We answer these questions together. We will build a comprehensive business forecast as the basis for the valuation, and estimate with you key leavers and assumptions necessary for a reliable valuation approach. We also estimate the cost of capital and other key valuation assumptions.

We will build the financial models to estimate the value range with several methodologies that are industry standard, like discounted cash flow, industry multiple, peer multiple, trading multiple, asset base, book value, or whatever other approaches might suit your particular needs. We will at the end prepare a comprehensive valuation report with a crisp management summary for your internal or external use.

If you need a valuation of a company, business unit, or asset, Mihajlović Advisory can do it for you in a fast, transparent, and fact-based manner that will help you make a good judgment and support your strategic decision-making. We assure you of the greatest diligence and dedication!

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