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Strategy development

Defining the strategy for your business is never a small and simple task. It requires a fresh view into the future of the industry, business, technology, market, and global trends that will affect your value chain, business concept, and organization. Mihajlović Advisory can help you define a long-term path for the success of your business.

Do you need to investigate what will the future of your industry look like? What level of vertical and horizontal integration is needed for the long-term sustainability of your business? Do you want to explore further markets and customers that must be reached? Which particular business areas, product mix, geographies, and services do you need to cover? How to boost your long-term performance?

We will look into the future challenges together and figure out the solutions!

Standard tools like SWOT analyses, financial forecasts, operational leverage, and sensitivity analyses are among the tools we can use to help you paint the picture of the future. We will provide valuable insights, operational change proposals, and transformation targets that will facilitate long-term success. We can further support you with defining the Balances scorecard of your goals and preparing a detailed business plan, financial forecast, and operational plan to bring the vision to future reality. Should you need our long-term support we can be your guide and help along the path to monitor the implementation of the strategy, support your management with actions, monitor actual performance against your strategic goals, and help you with special projects like investments or M&A. Your long-term success is our top priority and we want to be your valued partner.