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Sell side mandate

Selling a company or business unit is a complex and challenging task for any management team. Our professional support along the way, in structured and stepped processes, can ensure an effective transaction, a better price for ownership, and timely execution of your next deal.

Are you considering selling your business or a piece of it? Or you just want to explore your options and alternatives for exiting the business? Do you already have interested buyer to acquire your business or asset?

We work for you to maximize the value you get!

Mihajlović Advisory will help you evaluate your options and lead you from the start to finish with extensive and bespoke support. We start by identifying your motivation and defining the sales target (why and what is that you want to sell?). We are actively helping you prepare it for the sale. Through several steps we will lead the whole transaction team, continuously advise you, and negotiate for you, to come up with a mutually agreeable sale and purchase agreement with the buyer. After the signing, we will lead you through an interim period, until the final closing of the deal. Here is a short overview of the key services we provide during the transaction process:

  1. Identification of potential buyers and partners
  2. Preparation of the Teaser – a short document to market your company or asset
  3. Design of the appropriate deal structure
  4. Valuation of your sales target – evaluating what is the market likely able to pay
  5. Preparation of the Information Memorandum – a more detailed overview of the sales target
  6. Coordination of communication with potential buyers and their advisors
  7. Management and coordination of the M&A sales team (lawyers, auditors, management, etc.)
  8. Set-up and management of VDR (virtual data room)
  9. Coordination and management of the due diligence processes of the potential buyers
  10. Evaluation of offers and help you choose the right partner for the deal
  11. Negotiation
  12. Supervision and management of the signing of key agreements, interim period, and the closing procedure

Mihajlović Advisory is your trusted partner you can lean on throughout the process. Our job is to help you achieve your financial and strategic goals and to provide you with comfort that the deal you will sign is the right one for you! Should you mandate us with your transaction, we assure you of the greatest diligence and dedication! If you would like to know more about our experience and better understand your options and the transaction process we will gladly explore this with you. Please schedule your free consultation today.

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