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Post-merger integration

Once you have jumped the hurdle of finding and acquiring a target it is crucial to integrate it into your current business and strategy.

Have you recently acquired a subsidiary or an asset to your business that needs to be integrated? Do you want to evaluate and maximize synergies? Do you need help discovering operational improvement potential in a newly acquired business based on your experience and industry standards?

We will help you maximize potential of your recent investment!

Starting with deep-dive analyses of the investment and your current strategy and business set-up, we are finding ways in which you can better optimize joint operations, streamline operational challenges, and align strategic goals. We will provide you with data, inputs, financial models, business plans, and actions in a comprehensive implementation plan with the goal to realize the full potential of your new investment. We can also support you in managing teams that are taking action and leading initiatives and support you with supervising the implementation of the integration plan.

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