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Operational and strategic due diligence

You might have the lead M&A advisor or have decided to negotiate a simple deal on your own. Still, we can create value for you with a detailed analysis of the business concept, value proposition, operations, and performance. We compare the target with your own operations and industry standards. We review the strategic alignment between the target, your strategy, and your future goals after the transaction, evaluating potential synergies, laying out the implementation plan, and reviewing potential operational improvements.

Our goal is to find out the true value for you and potential operational and strategic red flags in the deal. We will help you ask for the right data, leaving no stone unturned, and ask the right questions. We will provide you with an in-depth report on the financial performance, operational analysis, and valuation of the target. We look in detail through assets, equipment, working capital allocation and efficiency, cost structure, operational KPIs, and contribution margins across units, locations, and business segments. What is here special is that we analyze from wearing your shoes and look at it from the perspective of potential integration in your business, strategy, and organization.

How does the target fit your strategy? How does it compare to your KPIs? What will the target be able to improve by utilizing your experience, or what you can learn from it? What is the true value of the target for you when you take it over?

We help you maximize the benefit of the potential acquisition!

Our Management Consulting practice also includes post-merger integration services where we help you yield the most from the deal. We assure you of the greatest diligence and dedication!

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