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Buy side mandate

Do you want to expand to the new market? Do you need to find appropriate target company or asset? Do you want to internalize your supply or distribution for vertical integration? Or do you already have a potential target that seems to you interesting for an acquisition?

Our goal is to get you to the right deal at good price and under good terms!

Mihajlović Advisory can support you through the whole process to make a good deal for your expansion. Professional support will enable you to focus on strategy and operational performance once the deal is done, while we are making sure that you buy the right thing at the right price and conditions.

From first contact to the seller’s advisors through final deal closing, we can lead the team and guide you through all the steps, helping you understand what is on sale, how can you buy it, what is the value, and how it could benefit your strategy and operations. Our services include:

  1. Identification of potential purchase target and appropriate deal structure
  2. Strategic and operational implications for your business
  3. Valuation of the target and potential expectations of the sellers
  4. Coordination of the M&A team
  5. Drafting with legal advisors and submitting the Letter of Intent and offers
  6. Coordination of the due diligence processes
  7. Operational & Strategic due diligence to evaluate how does target fit your strategy, needs, and operations
  8. Identification and valuation of synergy effects after successful transaction
  9. Negotiation with seller’s advisors and representatives
  10. Drafting with legal advisors the sales-purchase agreement (SPA) focusing on terms and conditions
  11. Organizing the signing, interim period, and closing procedures
  12. Supervising the execution of the deal

Mihajlović Advisory is your trusted partner you can lean on throughout the deal process. Our job is to help you achieve your financial and strategic goals and to provide you with comfort that the deal you will sign is the right one for you!

The goal of our services is to bring you to the closing of the deal that brings value to your organization. Should you mandate Mihajlović Advisory with your acquisition project, we assure you of the greatest diligence and dedication! If you would like to know more about our experience and better understand how we can support you, we will gladly explore this with you. Please schedule your free consultation today.

Our Management Consulting practice also includes post-merger integration services where we help you yield the most from the new acquisition.

Our other Mergers and Acquisitions services: